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Name: gordon

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A few months ago I bought a new 160i WS Tarpon -- I paddled it on two occasions and both times it leaked significantly (it was not the drain hole, the plug was tight) -- by filling it with water in the backyard I found a leak in the right front foot scupper hole where the hull and top are welded together -- WS took back the defective boat and after 6 weeks replaced it with a new Tarpon -- the replacement leaked in the exact same place -- I called WS to voice my concern but they didn't seem concerned at all -- this time I patched the hole with Lexel caulk, so far so good -- suggest you test for leaks before you buy or take it on a trip -- quality control at WS apparently has gone down -- a few years ago I bought my first Tarpon 16 (the original Tarpon, which never leaked)-- I loved the boat but wanted to 'upgrade' to the 160i -- I agree with all the positive reviews posted here but suggest you test for leaks before you buy, since WS apparently does not.