Name: lanky189

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I love this boat. I read the reviews over and over and they are accurate when it concerns the seat. It's terrible. Get rid of it. I swapped in a webbed seat, moved it 2 inches forward with no drop and I'm very happy with it.

Is this the most stable canoe? No. It is not! There was a learning curve for me. A double bladed paddle is a must for any length of slow moving water, as the keel is way small and really pointless, a flat bottom would be more appropriate. I'm 6'4" 235lbs, so I'm not the normal sized paddler for a short canoe. However I carry about 40lbs of gear with me and with my dry bag under my seat and my cooler tethered to the front thwart, I can lean back in my seat and kick my feet over the sides in calm water with no stability issues. For anything over a class I rapid I prefer to kneel for extra stability. I've also added a 48 inch float bag in the front and 30 inch in the back (will likely go to a 48 inch in the rear next spring), just to keep the extra water that will crash over my bow out of the boat and keep it easier to handle when I take on water. I routinely float a river section with multiple class II and III rapids. Can't wait to add some camping gear for our overnight trips.

CONS: Seat, keel, stability.
PROS: Weight, maneuverability, price