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Name: suntan

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My second kayak after a couple of years in different canoes. The first was a Perception Acadia. It was a great fit for me from the first time I sat in it at the store. Lightweight poly rotomold yet solid. Maneuvers well for a rec boat. After a year, it's still my personal favorite boat to paddle.

This is a classic beauty. The Nighthawk lives up to her name by being a speedy stealth. This is a fast little boat for the experienced paddler. If you’re still learning, be ready to take a swim. Very sharp sterns, low depth and a clean, bright, red fiberglass make this a prize boat to paddle or hang on your rec room wall. The shallow arch hull gives her all the maneuverability you can handle in a 12 footer. At 25 pounds, this is the lightest 12 footer I can ever remember. Although they haven’t been made in many years, it's no wonder that they still show up on paddling message boards.