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Name: bds1550

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First, let me start by saying I find reading low rating reviews on the many different model Kayaks out there very entertaining. Seems many people have no clue about different styles, types, and price kayaks. They buy a cheap kayak and the complain it doesn't perform like a Ferrari. The other thing I never get is people down grading a product because of the buying experience, or the support they get after the purchase. These are important, but are unrelated to the performance and quality of the actual product.

So, my review of the Dolphin Journey 12 SS is this: It is a budget kayak, quality isn't superb, and it isn't a kayak to take out on big water or long trips involving big water. I purchased this kayak with the expectation that I was getting a budget kayak to play on small lakes, rivers, and ponds here in northeastern Wisconsin. It fit the bill for me. I am a big guy, and had no issues with performance from this boat.

Keep in mind I didn't buy a $450.00 kayak and expect it to perform like a $1000 kayak. This boat does everything I need it to. I can relax and paddle it, I can fish out of it, and I can take it on short trips down the river without any hesitation. In fact I plan I buying a second one next week. The other thing that is great about this kayak is that you don't mind getting a few dings and scratches in it as you would with a more expensive boat.

I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking to get into kayaking without spending a pile of money. You can always upgrade to a better boat later on if you decide kayaking is something you really enjoy.
Hope this review was helpful and clear.