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Name: Kudzu

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I've owned several Lumpy paddles for several years now. I stumbled across this place where I could write a review and it would just be wrong not to spread the word. Bill made me two of the most beautiful, functional paddles I could ask for. I use one for calm or downwind conditions and the other, with a bit less surface area, for going upwind. It didn't take long at all before I just sold my Euro paddles. I told Bill he wasn't charging enough. This kind of quality should really cost more.

My apologies. In my review of the 170 I complained about tracking in the wind. Turns out I was in the wrong boat for my weight. I recently rented a Tempest 165 and paddled it in very windy conditions. It behaved beautifully. It was a perfect "10". I traded my 170 for the 165 and I'm sure I'll be happy for a very long time.

I was in the market for a longer, leaner boat after about 2 years paddling a Cape Horn 15. I liked the idea of a skeg also. I read the glowing reviews of the P&H Capella and demoed it twice. I tried and tried to love it like the folks who reviewed it but the cockpit opening would not allow me to draw my knees up without raising my butt off the seat. I really wanted to be able to raise the knees so I could stretch safely out on the water. A larger opening also makes exiting the boat easier and safer for me. The Tempest 170 cockpit allowed me to do what I want. The Phase III seat is extremely comfortable. The hip pads fit me perfectly straight from the factory, and the thigh support feels great. (I'm 5'9" and about 170 pounds). After paddling the Cape Horn I was impressed with how quickly the Tempest can turn.

I have had my poly Tempest out in rough conditions and was pleasantly surprised to find the hatches completely dry. I mounted the Nexus compass in the recess on the deck and have found I can read it easily. The slate grey color of my boat knocks me out and the deck rigging is perfect for wedging a gps between the bungie and the coaming recess. It sits right up where I can easily read it. The day hatch is huge. Far better than the one on my Cape Horn.

If I had to say something negative about this boat it would have to do with tracking. In a really strong crosswind (I'd estimate 30 mph) I was doing a lot of sweep strokes to stay in line. I was wishing that skeg would dig a little deeper down!

All in all a great boat!

I have owned my plastic Cape Horn for over a year now and have paddled several other touring kayaks. I'm 5'9" and 170 lb. The only other boat that can compare to its tracking ability and stability is the Cape Horn 17. Like some other reviewers, I have found some water in the rear hatch after some hours in rough water.

I tried out a lot of different kayaks at the local demo. The Cape Horn and the P&H Capella were both a real pleasure to paddle. I chose the Cape Horn because the cockpit opening was big enough to allow me to draw up my knees and stretch the old tendons out in the middle of the lake. I love the Cape Horn and if it were just a little faster I'd give it a 10.