Name: ggretser1969

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I purchased my Tsunami 12.5 last fall after doling kayak classes and trying several models, including the 14.5 - and I like them both but this boat really impressed with its stability and performance. I took several more kayak classes working on my skills and the 12.5 did everything I asked of it and tackled rivers and lakes and I can keep up with longer boats (good technique and the right oars help).

I'm 6' 200 lb and can turn and edge with ease. Waves break easily over the slightly higher cowl of the 12.5 and it's easier to get in and I feel very centered (the added room helps with self rescue too). The more I take it out and the more I ask of it, the better I like it and the size is easy to transport. I may add a 14 or a 16 but I will keep the 12.5 as my go-to rec boat.