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Was looking for a good all-around sit on top kayak big and flat enough for my dog and I for small rivers and some lake paddling. This boat is perfect for my needs. Just to test it I paddled out then called my 65 pound dog to swim out to me. I was able to haul her aboard without tipping over. I have also fished out of it. Though not really configured for fishing, it works just fine for the occasional short local fishing trip. Plenty of storage for when I overnight camp on the river.

Best Kayak ever! A little slower than some smaller, lighter models but well worth the trade off for awesome stability! Very maneuverable and has ample dry storage as well as an on-top storage spot. Plenty of room for all my gear and my dog. Have done rivers, streams, lakes, fishing and a 2 camp night trip. Highly recommend this boat.

I had a list of specifics that a kayak had to live up to for me to buy it: Sit on top, plenty of cargo space in the hull, flat area on top for my dog, stable and maneuverable, lightweight enough for a woman pushing 50 to move around. My Cobra Explorer fit the bill for my whole list and an added benefit was the shape of the hull that adds good tracking.

I've owned and used this boat for about 4 years. I love the fact that it is lightweight, tracks great, is fast and maneuvers very easily. Now the downside: the first time my husband took it out, he dumped it. I thought it was because he is a big guy pushing the weight capacity, and he shifted his weight because his leg began to cramp. I am very experienced but 2 days ago I dumped the thing when I over-corrected trying to avoid deadfall in a medium- fast river. I'm around 135lbs, with a 50 lb dog and about 10 lbs of gear. It just sits so low in the water that much of a dip from the side scoops up the water and you go over before you know it. I think I'll be shopping for a more stable & roomy sit on top. My dog will definitely appreciate it.