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Name: CharlieJoe

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I have been kayaking on and off for a little while now. The sport had never really captured my full attention until I decided to pull the trigger and get myself a much more serious vessel.

My previous Perception kayak was a fine boat, but there is absolutely no comparison to the Caribou. This is the boat that has made me fall in love with kayaking.

She tracks like a dream, is exceptionally stable, handles calm water with surprising speed and handles big waves with a confidence that I have never witnessed before.

If someone tells you that a 17+ boat isn't able to surf and get air...they have never been in a Caribou.

If you are looking for a boat that will allow you to 'get what you pay for', this is it. Mine wasn't cheap (kevlar layup) but every cent spent will be paid back in troves over the many, many years I plan to spend with this kayak.