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Name: Obiwan_Canoebi

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I like to pair these with my neoprene boots for mild temperature paddling and wading to fish. I have really tested the neoprene waist belt by submerging but they have kept me dry while kneeling in my self bailing canoe. I would prefer, as another reviewer mentioned, some pockets. I also wished I had ordered the XL. I normally am a M/L type of person. They are plenty large enough but a little snug when I thrown on a couple layers. I also would like a couple of color options. Not a big fan of the dark blue as I like lighter colors.

I cannot believe this has not been reviewed. By far the best waterproof (maybe not submersible for long periods) that I have found. It took me a while to pull the trigger but I am glad I did despite the price. I would warn anyone not to use it as a camp seat, but it does make a good deck to add a cutting board to.

I just bought a used Soar Canyon and took it on some Class III water recently. I am used to a hard boat and this thing does not track like a good Mad River Explorer. Having said that, the load capacity and stability in big wave trains was outstanding. I had it loaded down with myself (200lbs) and another 300lbs of gear and ran thru some rollers and wave trains that would have swamped my hard boats. I cannot wait to take this on more challenging water. On flat water the Canyon would be tough to justify but this thing is a beast in all other waters when you need to carry gear.

This is the Toyota Tacoma of canoes. It is just the best all around rig on the market and holds its value. It may not be great in any conditions but it works for everything. I have had mine in up to Class IV shutes and on lakes. It works best in a moderate moving river with some gear or another person loaded in front. Spend the time before any trip moving things around. When I paddle solo or just with my dog I flip it and ride it "backwards". Just an amazing all around boat.