Name: ghhunter

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This is an update [from 2013-07-26] on my Old Town Discovery 119 that I had purchased from a friend of mine about two years ago. This canoe is much better since I had made the modification of lowering the seat roughly four inches below the factory position.The canoe is no longer tippy like it was when I first got it. With the Bending Branches Impression Solo paddle that I use I can spin on a dime. It is amazing how much difference the canoe acts since I lowered the seat. My brother wants to get the same canoe since he has seen mine in action.

I did some searching in different outdoors catalogs that I receive for a PFD to use while canoeing. I wanted one that has pockets so that I could carry small items in them. I needed one that allowed full range of motion because I use a double bladed paddle in my canoe. I also needed one that was comfortable to wear.

This PFD is hardly noticeable while I have it on. I believe I made a very good choice. I will soon be buying another one to have as a spare.

I bought this canoe from a friend of mine.At first I had a problem with the canoe because it was too tippy.I took some one inch pvc pipe,cut four pieces six inches long and replaced the three inch dowel rods on the seat.Now there is no more tippiness.I love using this canoe now.The canoe is at least twenty years old and is in perfect shape.I use a Bending Branches Impression Solo paddle and could not ask for a better combination for my needs.

I purchased this paddle to use when I go out in my Old Town Discovery 119. It is made of wood and is very lightweight, also very comfortable to use. I have found this combination to be perfect for my needs.