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Name: yakkergirl

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I won the Perception Carolina 15.5 from Paddling.Net several years ago! I LOVE this boat. It has not bowed like a lot of "plastic" boats do, but rather has kept its shape really well. The locking nuts for the rudder had to be tightened (I lost one on a trip), but other than that, I have ZERO complaints.

The boat is comfortable, the thigh/knee braces are perfectly situated, the seat is as comfortable as a kayak seat can be, the adjustable foot braces have lasted these past (wow, has it been this long?) 7 years without a problem, and the hatch covers also keep out water better than I expected.

I have to add the kayak has always been stored in my garage. And, she's not seen a lot of action in the past two years since my hubby built me a cedar strip kayak (Spring Run by Redfish). But, when I want to do photography or for some other reason want more stability, out comes the Carolina!

She's about 70lbs, a bit heavy for me to put on my Jetta after paddling 5 hours. Other than that, NO COMPLAINTS! GREAT BOAT!