Name: davidz71

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I thought I had done a review before but guess not. I am 5'11 and 202 lbs. and this Tsunami 125 is perfect for me. I researched for a couple years before buying this several years ago. This kayak is really stable while getting into and out of it. It is also stable when paddling, keeps a very straight line as I paddle. My previous 10' kayak might as well as been called "bucking Bronco" because it threw me so many times getting into or out of the thing. I always felt so unstable so this is where the Tsunami shines. I've been on lakes and a couple streams with this boat and now that I am retired I plan on spending more time on the lake with the Tsunami. One of the thigh braces broke a year after purchase where the bolt connects the brace to the side of the body. A little JB Weld took care of the broken plastic in the brace area and bolted back up. It hasn't been a problem since.