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Name: oxbowmann

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This is my 10th paddle. I have even made a couple trying to find what works best for me. The Lendal Storm Bent-shaft is that paddle. I am an senior kayaker, averaging 300-400 miles a year. Living in the Northeast cuts into the available time to get more mileage. I have used straight shaft paddles for many years and found I would develop many "hotspots" on my palms. Additionally, arthritis in my wrists is starting to limit what I can do. This paddle is light, a 220 cm is only 22 oz. Strong, its all carbon-fiber. Fully adjustable for off-set up to 90 degrees and length up to 5 cm extra. It has just the right amount of flex and dips in and out of the water like a champ. The slight oval shape fits in your palm like it was custom made. It is , admittedly, a bit pricey, but when paddling for a week of 10-15 miles days you will appreciate having paid the extra. If there is a better paddle out there, I have yet to find it.

If there is a better paddle on the market, I have yet to find it. I paddle 300-400 miles a years everything from flat water to ocean to class 2+. This is now my go to paddle. At 24 oz its like moving your arms only. The variable angles that i can set suit every known type of condition. I happen to prefer bent shaft and find it to keep my wrists free from pain even after paddling for 4-6 hours. If anything I feel more energized and maintain a better form throughout the day. Very little drip back and it grabs beautifully. THIS IS THE BEST!

For a small and large cockpit kayak this is a great product. The hull design makes it almost as fast as a kayak at least 2 feet longer. Its beamy enough so that it rides waves well, yet low enough to the water so as not to get caught up in the wind. Turns well and with little effort. Secondary stability is amazing. If going out in chop you should have a half cockpit cover to keep some of the water out.

I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone who wants light, strong and quick as a primary or secondary boat.

Have had this yak for a month and put many miles on it. Overall it is one of the nicest light-weight boats (39 lbs.) I have ever paddled. It is very stable. My 16-foot kayak is only a little bit faster than this boat. Fit and finish are second to none.The larger cockpit makes for easy entry/exits as well as having items readily at hand. Setting foot pegs is so easy, I often adjust while paddling to give my back and seat a rest. Seat is contoured and has several adjustments for bottom and back. Be nice to have a cockpit specific cover as the seal 7.0 is a bit too big and therefore does not sit very well and hook is on wrong end. This is a superior product and easy to put on car. Great price for a great kayak!

Had this kayak for 5 + years. (actually won it from The quality of materials and build is second to none. (I have the light-weight layup.) Everything the manufacturer says about tracking, stability, shedding water, etc is absolutely correct. HOWEVER, there is one area in which it needs improvement...the seat. Molded plastic without any padding and a low back makes for an uncomfortable ride when paddling for more than a couple of hours. I added a jell seat to it and that helps. The back is another matter all together. It should be an adjustable sling type. Why? When you get anything more than a few pounds in the back inside the hull the yak rides back down. As a consequence you need to lean forward in order to maintain a proper level for paddling. This in turn tires the back in a very short time.
Would I recommend this craft..YES. Just be aware of its one shortcoming.

Recently won a NC 15 through WOW!! This is the smoothest and quickest kayak I have used. The stability is super and it just cuts through the water. Entered a fun competition last weekend. 30 boats. I easily placed first with time to spare. NC is the best!