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I would like to announce that the Victory Blast kayaks are being made, once again by Confluence Watersports, exclusively for Dunham's Sports store. I called CW after seeing a circular, for Dunham's Sports, with the Victory Blast kayaks on sale in it and that's what CW told me after checking on it.

I recently found the best canteen I've seen on the market. Lifeline Smart Cap canteen sold at Sportsmans Warehouse stores and online. This canteen is shaped like the military's style and will fit into the stainless steel military cup and newer ACU canteen cover. If you empty this 32oz. canteen and you have the 3 piece set up that I have. Then you can boil water from a stream in the steel cup to sanitize the water.

The canteen, itself, is made from BPA free, tough plastic that is clear so you can see what you are cleaning. It also has a drinking spout and a wide mouth cap that is large enough for ice cubes. If you are looking for a great canteen, please give serious thought to the Lifeline Smart Cap Canteen.

I own 4 Victory Blast kayaks. I have read in many reviews that they are made of plastic. Polyethylene to be exact just like Perception, Wilderness Systems, Emotion and many other kayak manufacturers. If you want Kevlar kayaks go mortgage your house.

The Victory Blasts are a great basic model that tracks very well and my 280 lbs. son had no problem dragging. If you are dragging the bottom then you are in too shallow waters. They have bungee cords on front and back and adjustable foot braces. Very stable with lots of room for storage or just to move around in. Do not stand on seat for any reason. Try to straddle the kayak and set you butt down on the seat. You can get a rectangle shaped pad at Dicks for $5.00 and it comes in different colors. Go to Kmart and get the kayak oar for $29.00. I have stored my first 2 kayaks outside with no protection for 5 year now and the other 2 for 2 year and I live where we get all 4 seasons of heavy weather and there is nothing wrong with them other than lots of scratches on the bottom. I'm thinking about getting them sprayed with Rhino Tough just to see if it's worth it. But like I said before, many kayaks are made from polyethylene and they get scratched up just the same. I love my kayaks and so do my friends and family.