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We bought a 12s for my wife last week. She feels very comfortable and safe in the 12s. It gives her good contact points and control. The day hatch is very handy and spacious, and the hatch lids are great - there is one loop to unhook to remove the lid and then they work like tupperware to replace the lid.

Due to being slightly narrower than the 12.10 I have, my wife is actually faster on the water in the 12s. The high bow handles waves really well with minimal splashing. Initial and secondary stability are very good. Because it weighs only 38 lbs, my wife has no problem carrying the 12s to the water herself.

We've done only lake paddling so far, but we'll be trying them out in the river sometime in the future to see how they handle rocks and current.

I just purchased the Delta 12.10. Firstly, the dealer, Frontenac Outfitters is awesome - they fit you to a couple models and then put you in the lake to try them out.

The 12.10 was much faster than the other models I tried, and tracked straight very easily without a skeg/rudder. Very efficient gliding through the water, even in 1-2 foot waves and some wind. The seat is very comfortable - I spent 2-3 hours in it with no discomfort at all, and the back gives great support without getting in the way of the paddling motion. It is easy to get great contact points at my feet, and thighs, and the kayak responds to subtle pushes with the feet or knees. I plan to get a fit kit installed to get tighter hip contact.

Initial and secondary stability make me feel very comfortable as newbie to kayaks. I was able to lay it on edge pretty comfortably within the first few outings. I will feel more confident in choppy lakes once I add a skirt. My back hatch seems to leak a bit, I will have that addressed by the dealer. What would make this kayak even better would be the day hatch like the 12s.

I have owned a Spirit II for about 9 years now. It is great for the Susquehanna river - very stable, even when turning around for gear and fishing. It does tend to catch and be turned by crosswinds, but all keel-less canoes do that. Steering and paddling in the Spirit II are both pretty responsive.

My fishing buddy had a different model We-no-nah canoe, and he likes the Spirit II better. The Royalex makes the canoe pretty easy to handle - I can put it on the roof of my Vibe by myself, but at times I wish it was a bit stiffer.