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Let's face it, the majority of us "Touring" kayakers are getting on in years. However, in our minds and yes in our mirrors, sometimes. We are still those tanned, long-hairded youths of yesteryear. But wait, why is my shoulder hurting after that last sweep stroke? Oops, because I'm actually 58 years old now!! To remedy this reality, Hello, Werner Camano" !!! Any accessory that can assist all of us to paddle longer, enjoy our time on the water, appreciate the natural wonders around us, is priceless. The Werner Camano allows me to do just that. I'm sure you will be very happy with yours too. Paddle responsibly and most of all have fun!!!

I've had The Andromeda for about a year and a half now. Like others have said, it's a thrill every time I get in it. I am an average paddler but this is not a kayak for an absolute beginner. Not a first boat. With that said, this kayak is awesome. Surprisingly, there is plenty of cockpit room for a kayak that is listed as 20.5" wide. I was paddling in the Raritan Bay in New Jersey one day and as I passed by the entrance to a marina during high tide, I found myself in some pretty confused water. There was a submerged jetty under the water causing me to be knocked about. The kayak felt like it was skipping across the top of each wave passing under me. Instead of fighting the water, I relaxed and let the Andromeda do the work. All I had to do was dip a paddle blade in the water here and there for balance and the Andromeda got me safely through. I was really impressed. This fiberglass kayak dances on the water. I can only imagine what it could do if I was more experienced.It's a great all around kayak.

I purchased this camera after reading the review by Lee. I am very pleased with the quality of the pictures. The colors are vibrant and clear. Read the manual before using, for the best performance settings you can get. I got a great online price ($249.99), so definitely shop around. I'm sure you can do even better. Great camera, simple to operate. Very happy with my purchase.

I have to agree with "thinkpolicy" (10/16/08 review). It is important to understand what the Blast is NOT!! before you buy one. I purchased this kayak a couple of years ago and this is an updated review.

I am approx. 5'10" and 190 lbs. I am pretty comfortable for a 2 to 3 hr. ride. Anyone much larger than my size will NOT be happy with this kayak. The Blast is a plastic kayak, no rudder or skeg. It has dual tracking channels on the underside of the boat, similar to Perceptions'. I have NEVER had really bad tracking problems with this boat. It moves fairly effortlessly through the water and holds a pretty straight line with minimal corrective strokes.

You can NOT compare the Blast to a larger rec boat because it will fall short every time. I just got back from a 3 hr. outing on Farrington lake in N.J., threw the Blast in the back of my van, closed the doors and headed home with little effort. Now, if I was heading out to the bay, the Blast is out. You must ask yourself, what is my intended use for this kayak? Mine was, a small boat for my kid, my wife, and myself for playing around in.

With that said, what a great little boat!! I can't believe they stopped making it, (yet Dick's never seems to run out of them?). I have paddled quite a few places since I last reviewed this kayak and have learned many things. No matter what boat I eventually upgrade to from my current WS Cape Lookout, I feel I will always enjoy this Blast every now then. Finally, if anyone out there is thinking about buying this kayak for it's INTENDED purpose, go get it, "while supplies last". See you out on the water.

I just returned from my first outing with the Blast. I paddled it on Farrington Lake in NJ. It was a little windy and cool but the kayak was great. It cuts through the water pretty sharply and is very manuverable. This boat is excellent for it's intended usage. Having fun at a great price! I also sat in the OT Otter but felt cramped at 5'9" and approx.185 lbs. If you are thinking about getting a Blast, what are you waiting for? I plan on taking it to the Poxono launch at the Delaware this spring.It came with footpegs and deck rigging standard.Looking forward to a whole lot of fun with the family this summer. If you are too, get a Blast and have a BLAST!