Name: river_rat

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I recently purchased a Werner: Kalliste Hooked Paddle. I bought this paddle to help me kayak effortlessly against the current on the San Marcos River (TX). The performance of this paddle did not disappoint. Unlike my Aqua Bound: Manta Ray Carbon, I did not notice or feel any flutter. The paddle maintained its performance even when the water was close to 300 CFI upstream after some heavy rain. While kayaking, I pushed myself against concrete structures and rocks and paddle did not break or bend (but the scratches are noticeable).

I used this paddle with my Tarpon 120. Since my height is 5-10 and the boat width is 30" I decided to get the 230cm paddle. Although a 230cm is my appropriate paddle size, I felt that I would've benefited from a 240cm instead. With this particular paddle I caught myself hitting the side of the boat more often than I usually do.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.