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The Oru Kayak solves many of the problems that have prevented me from purchasing a kayak sooner. As an apartment dweller, storing a kayak is a problem. The folding Oru makes it easy to store and transport. I can even carry it up the stairs of my third-floor apartment with relative ease. I can fit two of them in my compact car, without having to purchase and rig up any special racks.

In terms of handling, I'm pretty impressed. The Oru is only 26 pounds, which makes for pretty responsive maneuvering in the water. It seems pretty quick too, possibly because it weighs half the weight of similar sized kayaks.

The seat is about as comfortable as other kayaks I've paddled. It's not sitting on a couch comfortable, but it's definitely something you can handle for a couple of hours on the water. The adjustable back and foot bar make it easy to customize for all sizes.

The cockpit rim is very similar to traditional kayaks, which means many accessories like skirts and clip on cup holders will still work.

Some downsides include the lack of storage bins (it's just not possible since the boat folds). There's plenty of space behind the seat to shove stuff, but it's not particularly accessible while paddling. There are also tie-down straps to attach extra equipment.

I also have a little bit of trouble getting into the boat. it seems slightly tighter than other kayaks I've tried. Each time I enter/exit the boat, it seems to get easier so this may not be a real issue (and I'm by no means a small person at 6'2" so many people might not even notice).

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