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Name: michigansnorkeler

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This paddle is a bit narrower than the Aqua-bound sequel, which is also reviewed on this site. I often paddle solo in my Old Town Loon 160-T which is an 80lb recreational kayak. My usual trip is 6 hours (3 hours upstream, and 3 hours down). I find this paddle to be quite easy to use and am quite happy with it. The narrower paddle face reduces the effort needed to move the boat.

I have often taken this paddle apart, and it still fits together tightly with no wobble. I have often had to use the paddle to push the boat off gravel shoals, and in other abusive ways. It still looks great and shows virtually no wear.

For the money, I rate it a 10.

This is our first kayak; we are former canoeists. We were looking for a tandem kayak that could be paddled solo. Price was a major factor, as was capacity and handling both tandem and solo. We love this kayak. The capacity is 500 lbs, and my wife and I come close to 450. She can lay back while I paddle, and it really isn't much more effort than going solo. It is VERY stable especially when compared to a canoe. We got it in red, which looks really sharp!

I followed the recommendation of many paddlers and bought a set of decent paddles. Aquabond seacludes (not seaquels) at about $120 each. The narrower blade takes a lot less effort. I have paddled many hours solo, and really enjoy it. I noticed that I like the shorter shaft solo, longer shaft tandem. Go figure.

One drawback is the weight. After two trips, I made a makeshift cart to get it from the van to the water, often a considerable distance. I've also noticed the tracking quirks that some others have posted. This is most noticeable in wind or chop, especially when paddling slowly. I'm tempted to get a rudder. That is why I did not rate it 10.

So, I really love this boat. However, If you can afford two kayaks and are able to transport them, then I would suggest the Loon 138T.