Name: DavidJ

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I have owned my Kestrel for two seasons now, and I love it. This is my first kayak, but I have been paddling for years and have used many different boats. What I like about it is that it tracks well, is easy to paddle considering the width of the beam and the weight, has lots of storage, and has a very good initial stability. What I don't like about it is that it does not turn well when weighted down. I do a lot of camping and usually have lots of gear with me. This is not a problem on flat water, but on swift, winding rivers or class 1 or 2 rapids it becomes very slow going trying to manuver back and forth.

It is a good all around boat for beginners, easy to turn if you have nothing with you, fast and stable, and therefore good for ocean or touring. You can even do some mild whitewater. It also has a fantastic seat, hard foam with an adjustable back. The cockpit is pretty large, easy to get in and out of, I am 5'6" and 140, I am very comfortable but this yak is suited for larger people, i would not recommend it for a small person.

This is a very good kayak for the price, and I would suggest it to anyone new to this sport.