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Name: deanbat

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The Algonquin is quiet and stable. Mine has kevlar skid plates on the bow and stern of the occasional bump or skidding into shore. It's a great lake boat, but I use it on rivers as well (which is why I got the kevlar)

I'd give it an 11 if I could. I have the Big House and the vestibule that is an accessory. It is big and comfortable. I've weathered a couple of unfortunate storms inside and appreciated the height. It's definitely for car camping or cane camping because of its weight and size.

I have the Kevlar Algonquin 16. It's very easy to paddle and turns well on edge. One non-paddling feature that blows me away is how it portages. The curved yoke sits so comfortably and balanced on my shoulders I barely have to touch it. The bow and stern have a reinforced edge which makes it incredibly tough if striking an object, but does interrupt an otherwise perfectly smooth slice through the water.

I have 3 Zav bent-shaft paddles and they are incredible. They are light and strong and comfortable for puttering around or really hauling for extended periods for racing. Although the bent shaft is best suited for flat water speed, I use them for downriver racing which is mixed flat and class 2 and 3 whitewater.

I love the boat, it's stable in rough water even if the paddler isn't. It's fine for any whitewater I've ever been in, but is seems best for a beginning through intermediate whitewater paddler because the stability is a slight trade-off to agility. That said, it's a fun ride.
I do have the electric bilge pump setup, which makes my friends laugh at me (until I don't have to bail).

This is a solid and reliable boat. I've floated slowly downriver with it as well as downriver raced with racing partners ages 4 to 79. It's ability to sit comfortably on it's edge is amazing in rough water. That secondary stability allows it to deflect big waves and stay dry all while keeping the paddlers in control. I had a tree fall on it, popped it back into shape and sealed it and it's back to racing.

This is a solid and affordable whitewater paddle. It's light enough for a long day, but strong enough to withstand some good abuse against rocks. It's very stiff and gives a high level of control.