Name: momma4c

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I just picked up my Pungo 120 this afternoon after waiting 3 weeks for it. I took it out on the lake tonight and even though it was extremely windy I had no problems. Tracking was great and it seemed to glide very well. I have a 10' Old Town Vapor that I like just as well, but this makes paddling so sweet. Very much worth the wait.

I got the Hullavator last summer after I cracked my windshield loading my kayak inside my car. I LOVE IT. I have not had any of the problems mentioned in other reviews. If I didn't have this, as a 50 something woman, it would be impossible for me to load by myself. I enjoy kayaking alone at times and this allows me to have the freedom to do it. I can still put 2 more kayaks on top of my car with the Thule Stacker.