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20 years ago when I started paddling, I was much younger. 15 years ago I had some surgery on my foot which changed my life forever. I was a very active hiker and cross country skier, as well as kayaker. After trying for many years to go back to hiking and cross country skiing, I realized I was not going to be able to participate in those sports. Seven years ago I noticed some changes in my hands that were making it difficult to grasp the kayak paddle. I thought to myself that this might be the end of paddling as well. I would not let this end my paddling! I tried paddling gloves, but I ended up with blisters at the end of my fingers. Then I found yak grips! I saw a huge improvement in comfort and the ability to hold my paddle easier. I have been using yakgrips for five years, and have introduced many other people to them. In the 20 years that I’ve been paddling, there has been a huge boom in the amount of people who paddle, partly due to more recreational kayaks on the market. Yakgrips are a great solution for arthritis and other hand ailments. Thank you for keeping me (and probably others) in my boat!