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Name: dustinflavell

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Just purchased this kayak in August. This is my first Kayak. I borrowed a co-workers last summer (Ocean Malibu II) and really enjoyed it. So decided on getting one. Really enjoy this Kayak. The best part is the width. At 34" it is really stable for a novice. The construction is great and the seats and paddles that come with it are better than okay for stock accessories. The handles are solid and well put together.

The only real weak point I can find are the paddle holders. Don't get me wrong they work fine but are a little trickery to use if your hands are wet.. I've been out on the lake more than a dozen times now and like the way it sits in the water and tracks when paddling solo.

The distinct advance of the XL of the non XL Malibu 2 is the ability to move the seat to center when solo or move it closer to the rear for tandem paddling. It has the capacity to fit a small child or dog in the center comfortably in the tandem set up. There is plenty on room for tall folks to get their feet in a comfortable position, but in the tandem set up a six foot person is about max on the foot pegs. I'm six foot and am in the last peg when seated in the rear.

If you're looking for a nice tandem setup with extra room I'd highly recommend this kayak.