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Name: pattersr

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'97 Carolina bought used 3 years ago. Been down/up Class 2+ water lots, X large cold unpopulated stormy lakes & surfing behind 100 ft paddlewheeler & on 2+ ft storm waves. Short enough for tight creeks. Stable enough even my wife enjoyed it. A "Chevy Malibu" and deserves to be around forever. Hull takes lot of abuse inverted on truck rack, still no "oilcanning". Likes weathercocking/wallowing w/o rudder, depending wave height/wind. Totally safe boat.

Had my 7 yr old for 3 years now, rides like duck in 2-3 ft slly breaking waves, short enough to be agile in flooded creeks. Use rudder only in stiff wind/occasionally in 2+ ft waves if I’m lazy. Not fastest boat but good speed & v forgiving. Good fit in creeks / fishing/photog. Likes to be loaded. Surfs 1.5+ ft waves but needs close attention. carries well upside down on my 6 ft truck rack / no or minimal symmetrical distortion which works out after loading.(not usu >70 deg f here in alberta). Very satisfied