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Name: Tazcop

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Not a bad beginner kayak, but at 29.5 inches wide I felt it could have been slightly wider for a little more stability. The P.A.C.(Portable Accessory Carrier) is nice as it can be left in place or taken out and used as a tow behind to open up a little more on board space.

As it has a deep seat well and no scupper holes, if water gets into the boat it tends to pool up in the seat. The supplied swivel mount rod holder is a little flimsy but can easily swapped out for an upgraded model. It could also benefit from a side mounted carrying handle for times when you're going out alone.

Overall it was a pretty good purchase and I have enjoyed using it, it tracks well and has a 395 lb. capacity enabling you to bring plenty of gear. I have recommended it to friends and would again.