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Name: Nguthas

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Great product. It is compact for storage and very versatile on the water. It is very stable for boarding in calm waters and rough waters as well. I highly recommend this board and always enjoy time on the water on it. Pros Great Cons Usage Excersise

Sea Eagle Hybrid is a great product that you can fit it tight places with its unique design. This board is very versatile in design and you can get a great workout while on the water. I highly recommend this procduct. Pros Versatile great design Cons None Usage You get great excersise with this product.

Sea Eagle carries great products from their paddle boards to their kayaks and are great and easy to transport. We Carrie ours in our Dodge Challenger when getting on the water. All in all this is a great and fun product that I highly recommend to everyone. Pros Easy to transport and very stable on the water. Cons Takes a little while to get it peeped for the water. Usage I us it for exercise and to relax on the water.