Name: aqudog

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My wife says I'm too fussy, probably true. I've been paddling calm & white water for a few decades and have very much enjoyed the Old Towne Penobscot. It's put up with my imperfections, and pulled me out of a few scrapes... though there was that one time it ditched me and went joyfully down the rapid, smirking back at me the whole way. I was fortunate to get one used in great shape, but even factory fresh it's an investment that will last for many decades to come.

I've been very happy w/my Penobscot 16. It's handled the white water well, both solo and tandem. All my paddle pals are jealous now that it's 'tricked-out' w/float bags, reinforced bow/stern, and a custom center yoke seat. The royalex keeping it light enough to portage alone... and best of all, I bought it through a "" ad!