Name: silvercobra

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I purchased this boat a few months ago and I have had it on the water about four times so far. I am only 115 lbs but I am 6 foot tall with size 12 feet. I carry quite a bit of gear with me everywhere I go so I think that helps with the weight issue.

This kayak seems to give me plenty of foot room and it doesn't really swallow me up like one would think. I haven't had a use for the rudder yet and with it being foot controlled it is kind of annoying not being able to put my full force on the foot pegs.

I took it down a very narrow river recently and I was able to maneuver everything alright once I learned how to turn it better. I was able to keep up with my friend who was in a Dagger Katana though I had to plan my routes whereas he could just jump in.

Overall really great boat, TONS of storage space, stays straight without rudder but can turn when done properly. I am very satisfied for it being my third kayak.

I purchased an Aruba 10 from Walmart in May 2014 and used it every single weekend since. I fell in love with kayaking, not the boat. Had I known I would like it this much I would have done some research first. At the very least don't give your money to a retailer, find a local kayak shop or pick up something on craigslist.

This boat definitely gets me where I need to go and I plan to hang on to it after I upgrade for trips I have to scoot along rocks. I have managed to dent the front but it popped back out.

Here are some dislikes of the kayak: I don't like how wide it is, I don't like it having such a flat bottom, spray skirts seem pointless and there is definitely no rolling, I have heard you can install thigh braces but not sure if they would work on this one, would prefer it to be faster/easier going, my "rear bulkhead" is two styrofoam blocks shoved in the back of the kayak so it is all one compartment, my rear hatch doesn't even connect to the boat when closed so it lets in a ton of water, not sure how important but no perimeter lines, the cockpit swallows me up, I feel like it is impossible to twist while paddling because my legs and butt just twist as well, and a hard plastic seat (currently using outdoor lawn chair cushions.)

Overall you could get a decent used boat for $200 and rec boats seem quite popular right now. Remember all rec kayaks under $300 are the same, just pick a color.