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Name: Krusty

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Pyranha Fusion Connect 30 evaluation after 4 years of heavy, year round use in rivers and lakes, white water, on extended, self-supported wilderness trips and on flat water:

The Pyranha Fusion is a good design and is meets the requirements of a cross over boat. The molding material and molding process parameters gives the boat a sturdy, rigid feel that appears to be thick and solid yet lightweight. The no glare surface treatment is functional and gives the boat a not cheap appearance. The hull design performs well in white water with the skeg up and the boat tracks nicely in flat water with the skeg down. The boat is fast and responsive. The deck design allows for ample leg room, sheds water well and allows the paddler to not make contact with the deck with knuckles while paddling. The combing design allows for a good skirt seal. The grab handles are sturdy and comfortable. The Connect 30 seating is comfortable and the footplate is solid. Entry and exit are not difficult.

The ratchet seat adjustment system is a quality design but requires engineering attention. The ratchet can slip under load allowing the backrest to abruptly move out of the desired position. The ratchet unlock mechanism has a random, nuisance issue of not releasing the strap one position at a time. The strap sticks then can quickly come out of the ratchet system requiring reinsertion to the first catch rib. This issue has occurred on one side only. The skeg activation chord works smoothly and is positioned well for ease of use (I do have a suggestion for a design improvement for the manufacturer).

The rear hatch has ample room to stow enough gear for an extended trip. The skeg box is in a good location, out of the way of the hatch opening and is robust. The hatch seal / cover is water tight and does not implode in white water

Overall I am pleased with the Pyranha Fusion C30 performance, appearance and design and price. It is my "go to" of all my boats for most of my paddling trips.