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I purchased my Vapor 10 Angler in 2012 after hip replacements the previous two years. I wanted a fishing kayak that was light but stable, with a large enough cockpit to make entrance and exit somewhat graceful - not an easy task for someone in their late sixties and weighing 250 lbs. The Vapor 10 Angler met all my requirements.

It has a roomy cockpit with adjustable foot pegs, and an unexpectedly comfortable, padded seat. The two built-in rod holders behind the seat were easy to reach, and although it has an anchor and trolley, I never used it, preferring to drift fish. It was easy enough to position myself upwind and let it blow me along while I peppered the shoreline with lures. I could also rig both rods and 'troll' while slowly paddling through an area.

There was ample room for my fishing gear and a waterproof box for my wallet and cellphone. I usually kept both on the floor between my legs, as reaching the bungee'd up well behind me would have been difficult. Instead I kept my PFD there.

I fished small lakes only and wasn't worried about overturning. Since the kayak has foam flotation fore and aft, I knew it wouldn't sink in the event of a mishap and I could get to the PFD. Thankfully that has never happened as the craft is amazingly stable, almost hard to tip over. It also tracks incredibly well for such a small (10') kayak. I had no trouble paddling distances in it. There is a cup holder molded in the lead edge of the cockpit, but I didn't use it often as it was difficult for someone like me to reach that far.

Because I usually fish alone, weight was a concern. At 44 lbs though, I had little difficulty getting the kayak off and on the roof racks of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, if someone did show up, I was never too proud to ask for assistance!

All-in-all, the Angler 10 has been a fun, inexpensive fishing craft. I don't have the exciting YouTube-worthy experiences ocean kayakers have, but I have enjoyed some wonderful scenes in nature and caught a fair number of fish.
Wait, now that I think about it, I was once towed around for 5 minutes by a catfish. Is that YouTube-worthy?