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Name: milliemchugh

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I bought an Ocean Kayak over 14 years ago, when I was the first person on our waterways who owned a kayak! This is one durable kayak! She's scraped pilings and sandbars over the years, so isn't as fresh and pretty as brand new, but would give it the highest ranking in durability and ease of use! Have dragged her across sandbars, driveways, even, and still, is fit and stable and sea worthy!

The best product I have ever ordered and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs an "ocean" kayak - one dependent on some tidal action!

I have owned a Frenzy by Ocean Kayak for over 10 years. At the time, I was the only one on the Intracoastal area of Perdido Key, FL to own a kayak! This kayak has been a very good investment. I ride at least 3 times weekly and take longer rides on the weekends.

This kayak has handled surf, wake from huge barges, dolphins breaching all around me, all while carrying my Jack Russell Terrier on board (as masthead!). VERY stable kayak. Very versatile. Have flounder gigged from this boat, though it is not what is now considered a "fishing" kayak. She's not the prettiest kayak on the water after all these years, but has never lost any of its durability. All parts are still attached and have lived in salt-water conditions, without a cover, for over 10 years with no rusting or decay.

A very good kayak for those who want to ride the surf or any water with a tide. Does not ride well in still water, as it is built for surf. LOVE IT -- would rate it 1000 if I could! Would never sell this kayak. Have bought a couple more over the years, including an inflatable when I didn't live ON the water and have never been as happy with any others as I have been with the Frenzy.