Name: nattynat

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This is my first kayak, and I must say I had to get used to it. When I say first kayak, I really mean first kayak - I never even rented one before. I LOVE this boat! I have had this boat since May and at first I wasn't so sure. It seemed to "spin out" after swift current turns and I have dumped over a couple of times just getting in the thing.

Since May, I have learned the majority of my problems were, well, me. The "spin outs" are directly related to body position and pressure on the pedals. Getting in should be done with the current going parallel to the boat, not at all against the side of the boat. I'm guessing this is novice stuff you should already know. My dry hatch wasn't keeping very dry, but some marine grade silicone easily fixed that.

I've had this boat on lakes, rivers, and even an over-nighter. It's amazing what you can pack in this thing! My one true complaint is that if you have a drink in the cupholder, you will get goosed or knock it over getting back in the boat. Other than that, it's a great boat and handles great!

We bought this boat in the spring and have had it out several times with no problem tipping what so ever. I've had this canoe out with my husband, nephews, and friends and it has always been stable...even while fishing. It is a bit heavy, that would be my only complaint. Just this past weekend, we loaded her up and did an overnight camping trip in Mammoth Cave National Park on the Green River in Kentucky. We managed to pack sleeping bags, an air mattress, tent, camping chairs, cooler, fishing poles and tackle, and all of our camping gear with no problem. Space is at a premium in this canoe, so you have to examine every nook and cranny for gear to fit. We were loaded down quite a bit, but the canoe still performed flawlessly! The seat backs and cup holders are always nice and was a big plus for the 20 mile paddle. We always get a lot of comments and compliments on this canoe wherever we take it. This has been one of our best purchases for quite some time!