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Name: jcaruso

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I have been using the Perception Impulse 10.0 sit in kayak for fishing and just paddling around, great little kayak, very light(44 lbs) and easy to portage. For fishing, the kayak is roomy for tackle inside the boat. Tracks extremely well and is very stable during casting and fighting fish. I have added 3 rod holders, 2 on the deck behind the seat and one up front. The seat is very comfortable, and surprisingly I can fish for about 5 hours without any discomfort.

I have an Old Town Discovery 169. Great canoe very roomy, can easily put 4 adults into the boat with its high weight capacity. Used it for camping had to paddle into the sight and was able to bring everything necessary for a 3 day trip. Tents, cloths, food and fishing gear. Tracks very straight, built extremely well.

Only down side is the weight. At 72 lbs. and 16ft 9in the canoe is not manageable for one person, you will need two people to portage the canoe.