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Name: Bobinator

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Very smooth and reasonably quick board considering its size, although certainly not a race board. Extremely stable and tracks very well. Heavier than most boards which you notice when loading on the car, but with lots of tie-downs, is great for daytrips, etc. Great board for what it does. Just don't expect to win any races on it. Pros I like that you can carry enough stuff on the board that you can do a short camping trip. Not too many boards out there that can carry a 225 man plus another 70 pounds of equipment. Cons It is heavier than most other boards on the market which makes it a bit more awkward when loading on the car. Certainly not as quick as many other 14 foot boards on the market. Usage Exercise and day trips.

Very stable, smooth board that is great for touring. Can take lots of weight and has sufficient tie-downs to carry supplies for a couple of days of paddling. I don't fish, but could easily use it for that as it is so stable. Pros That it can take my 225 lbs and carry lots of stuff besides. Cruises very nicely. You won't use it for racing, but it does what you want it to do. Cons Almost too stable. A little heavier than most boards which makes it a bit inconvenient for casual use. Amazing how a difference of 6 (or so) pounds can make in ease of use (loading on car, etc). Usage Mostly for exercise - day trips.