Name: Kyaker63

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I paddled the Bote 12.6 HD Classic displacement hull SUP on a small lake with winds at 12/G 18 knots. The stability and tracking across all quadrants was on point. The deck tie down and angler mounts were clean and convenient. I especially enjoyed the cup holder feature integrated into the board. At 6' and 230lbs the board handled well and was surprisingly quick. The recommended maximum weight of 350 lbs allowed for plenty of kit for either touring our fishing to be added with out hampering the stability or overall performance of the SUP. Really enjoyed the design and factory finish. Pros Stability, tracking and deck layout Cons Expensive for entry level paddler that wants to tour or fish Usage Touring and SUP Angling

I picked up a Demo Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC to replace my CD Caribou I parted with and a NDK Romany that I left on the east coast. I can honestly say that it lived up to the reviews and manufacturers statement. Owning a Romany, this kayak takes many of the attributes that made the Romany the classic it has become and improves on those lines. I have yet to surf it, but imagine it will do just fine.

Tracking 9 of 10 (Skeg works well)
Rolling 10 of 10 (I know of only one other commercial kayak with a lower back deck)
Comfort 8 of 10 (The adjustable seat if fine, but the back band must be replaced!)
Outfitting 9 of 10 (Solid hatches that seal well; foot pegs are solid and do not use hardpoints that go through the hull; deck lines are useful but not overdone)
Finish & Layup 9 of 10 (I am impressed with the layup and the finish and look forward to many years of service from this kayak; she weighs in at 53 #s but I find it balances well for shoulder portages)

I will post an update when I get her out in bigger conditions, but have the confidence that this is another great design that will meet a variety of conditions and do well in all.

Paddler: Male 6'1"/216 lbs; Conditions: Open Water 10 kt wind and light chop SF Bay Area.

I recently went for a paddle without my boat and was provided a rental. When asked what was the closest boat to the CD boat I paddled, I was provided the WS Tempest 170. I used to paddle WS boats and enjoyed them having both owned the ALTO and EPIC. The Tempest (compared to the EPIC) is a "Tank." I was not impressed and and found difficulty with the Skeg also. Although the design layup is nice, it is lost in the weight of this RM sea tank.

Would not recommend in Poly layup. To be fair - it may perform better in Carbonlite or glass.

Brian Schultz is a talented craftsman that has captured great lines in this GP down to the faux bone tips in poly. My 88" was layed up in fir and though perhaps a bit in the heavy side when compared to WRC it will hold up well. GPs were tools for the Inuit and this example is no different.

Another great Alaskan Single Blade for the Traditional Paddler. This paddle features a concave blade face as described by David Zimmerly and is well replicated down to the authentic markings. A nice single that is fast in the water when conducting traditional single bladed rolls. Great as a spare or for your collection.

Wolfgang Brink's East Greenland Replication is nicely done and finished. The paddle handles well and I have noticed little difference between it and the other GPs I have used. Superb craftsmanship throughout the lay up w/ a durable finish.

Another of Chris' finely crafted traditional paddles. This non shoudered "Storm" paddle is great and the finish is excellent on this Spanish Cedar layup. The non shouldered paddle allows for a very smooth sliding stroke. Used as a high wind paddle or a solid spare this is a must have for any traditional kayaker.

This single blade is fast on the water. The finish and craftsmanship bring out the beautiful grain of the wood. This paddle is not the same as described by Zimmerly,on his web site, having a more tapered tip and larger shaft diameter. This enables the paddler to perform some more advanced single bladed maneuvers that are usually associated with Greenland paddles.

Chris Saab produces Greenland and Alaskan Kayak Paddles. These paddles are exacting in craftsmanship. The King Island handles well and provides great support on braces and generates great lift during rolls. Traditional Markings finish this quality paddle.

Turtle Paddles Greenland designs stand out based on the quality wood and types used in construction. The craftsmanship focuses on preserving the finish to highlight the wood of the paddle. The Quilted Maple has a distinct grain that accentuates the layup of the paddle. The only draw back is that the loom is a bit thick, but does not detract from the overall performance of this paddle. The paddle generates sufficient lift during traditional maneuvers.