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Name: dfindle

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I like them. I reviewed all of the choices for car top (in my case large van) kayak carrying and purchased a set of these. The products work exactly as advertised. I have driven at highway speeds with no issues. I like the long straps, nice buckles and buckle covers. After years of using ratchet systems and rope for securing a canoe, I find these straps to better, quicker, and a more secure system. I love the included front/rear tie down/ratchet systems too. Very fast systems. The durability of all seems first rate to me. After trying this set, I liked them so much that I bought a second so that I can carry 2 kayaks simultaneously.

The Talic Tilt racks work as described by the manufacturer. I was leaning toward the condo, but like the other reviewer, I was concerned about my two 12 ft. rec. boats fitting. Buying 2 sets allowed me to stagger my boats to use as much wall space as possible with each kayak pointing in opposite directions. I was at first concerned about the included assembly hardware being a little short, but once fully installed and tightened up, everything worked just fine. Very nice, custom, and clean looking rack system and highly recommended.