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Name: bongobike

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This is a great kayak for a beginner to quickly paddle like an intermediate. The second time I took it out, I paddled about 6 miles across Canyon Lake, a large lake north of San Antonio. Dip the paddle and this boat takes off. There are a lot of power boats, also known as wave making machines, on this lake. This kayak rode the waves beautifully. Lots of swell and chop and she was eager for more. Drop the rudder for better tracking across open water, and raise it for maneuverability. The kayak responds well to rudder controls.

I have not had the opportunity to take it out in the gulf for some sea kayaking, although riding the waves and wake thrown up by all the power boaters on the lake on a holiday weekend gave me a good impression of the way it will handle.

It's easy to put up on edge. The seat is fairly comfortable. The seat back is higher than many I have seen, sometimes rubbing on my PFD. Not a big deal.

For the price point, it's a well designed, fun to paddle kayak. And will carry enough gear for a comfortable self-supported tour lasting 3 to 4 days.