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Name: jch

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Have owned a tandem Yellowstone for about 2 years now. Wanted something I could paddle solo, but big enough for two and gear. At 34 max width it is a bit wide as a down river solo but the tumblehome helps. Routinely paddle class 2 and 3 solo and it is solid with excellent secondary stabilty. Turning is pretty good for its length as long as you are using the sides in the turns. As you would imagine, pretty dry since it is a double seater used solo with a kneeling thwart. Have had the wife and 2 11 year olds in it thru some 2+s and it of course shipped on some water, but handled predictably with the load. Have fully bagged it as of last week and am looking forward to some 3-4 solo trips.

Tracks well with a load on flatwater. had in the OKEE last spring with two kids and gear for 4 days and it was fine. Tracks OK but with some effort paddling alone on FW.

Well made and finish is good, but not great. I would give it 9 out of 10 as a solid crossover for everything kind of boat.