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Name: pkropman

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I settled on the purchase of the Epsilon P300 after much research at first followed by a test paddle on the water. I am tall at 6'3 - 215 lbs and had difficulty fitting comfortably into many of the kayaks. When trying a variety of kayaks, I mostly ran into a lack of leg room with the inability to shift my legs from time to time into a different position to combat fatigue.

The Epsilon was one of the last kayaks I stepped into, but I felt instantly comfortable. The amount of leg room is great and actually also accommodates my son's 6' 6" frame without any problem. The cockpit is properly sized for me and I can get my legs out without taking the skin off my shins as happened quite a bit when trying a variety of kayaks. The initial and secondary stability are extremely good and when edging this kayak, it feels very predictable.

My main paddling area is Georgian Bay and I have been out under varying conditions. The Epsilon handles all conditions quite well. I have been in 2 ft waves and encountered some standing waves near a break wall. Also weekend boat travel causes some wavy conditions but at all times, the P300 takes it in stride and handles easily and comfortably. The waves that have come over the bow easily move away from the cockpit. I generally like paddling without the rudder, but under windy conditions it helps navigation as the kayak exhibits some weathercocking.

There are a couple of nice design features. There is a groove on the front deck to rest your paddle without fear of it sliding off. Also the seat and back rest are very comfortable and the back rest has a pivot design that allows you to lean back, while giving great support when you are in a regular paddling position.

As a former wilderness canoeist going on extended trips, I plan to embark on a couple of weeks excursion as this kayak has great room to pack for an extended trip. In short, this kayak is versatile, fun and offers great stability along with easy manoeuvrability.