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Great Boat, Poor Quality Control My wife and I recently purchased two Wilderness…

Great Boat, Poor Quality Control

My wife and I recently purchased two Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 kayaks. After extensive research and trial we settled on the Pungo 120 because of its stability, seat comfort, ease of entry, and most of all its hull design and glide through the water. We have been very impressed with the design of the boat and love being on the water in it.

However I was very disappointed that both boats had manufacturers defects showing a real lack of quality control by Wilderness systems. Boat #1 had a significantly displaced bulkhead with gaping gaps, The dry well hatch is torqued and does not close or seal properly. Boat #2 the combing is deformed towards the bow which prevents the console from properly fitting such that any bump from a knee etc... it will pop off. This boat too the bulkhead needed some added sealant.

Our retailer was very good in that for Boat #1 they discounted it immediately and then for Boat #2 they gave us a discount after we realized the console would not stay on due to the warped combing (which by the way does not appear to want to go back to normal after being in the sun with a brace in place to help it along).

Overall I highly recommend the boat and do not regret our purchase, just make sure you inspect it carefully before you walk away. Better to catch any problems before you leave the retailer. Come on Wilderness get your quality control in order, your a big brand and a major player I expect better. Recently I looked at an Old Town Loon 120 which has a similar hull design, better hatch covers, and a console that secures well to the combing, plus the one I looked at seemed to all work as it should. Look out Wilderness you can't live by brand name alone for too long, the competition is going to catch up or pass you by if you keep delivering defective products.