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Name: DrewM

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Very nice beginner kayak. I've been out a few times with friends and decided to get a yak of my own. Saw this on sale at EMS for $299 so I grabbed it. Very lightweight and easy to load on top of my 2010 Outback. I'm 5'6", 135 lbs and have no trouble getting this on the stackers by myself.

Tracking is comparable to the Old Town Loon 111 I had previously rented, which isn't bad for a 10 foot yak. It will drift a bit once you stop paddling, but stays straight with minimal effort. I'm still working on technique so I think that speaks well for the boat. It's light (and so am I) so it does get moved around by the wind. Plenty of storage space front and rear, but no dry storage, so have a dry bag. Foot pedals are adjustable. Nice seat for the price range, though my bony butt did get a little sore after a few hours.

Overall I'm very happy with this kayak, seeing as it's my first one. Will probably upgrade to a 12-13' rec or touring yak in a year or two.

Really good kayak for the price! After borrowing a friend's Clear Water Leisure Affinity 8.6 for my wife to see if she'd enjoy kayaking, I bought this for her and we took it out for the first time yesterday to Slatersville Reservoir. The first thing she said after paddling for about 5 seconds was "Wow, this thing can move!" Well coming from the borrowed yak, this was an obvious improvement.

Very stable, tracks decently for a 10 footer. It does get moved easily by the wind being as light as it is. It has a good amount of features for the price range, though it would have been nice to have the back end open for storage. It is closed off by foam behind the seat, and there is only a small "dry hatch" in the rear. I'm not sure how dry it will stay in rougher waters, but it stayed dry for us. it's definitely not sealed in any way. The seat looks good, though my wife complained that she would have liked it to be a it higher.

All said, a very good beginner kayak for $220. (Missed the $199 deal at Dick's)