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The Sprinters are awesome! I own two. I purchased both from guys over 6 ft. And they found them unstable (one fished out of the Hudson River by the Coast Guard). I believe the center of gravity has something to do with this. I am 5'6" and do not feel it is tippy.

I have paddled this yak 20 miles in one day (out to the Content Keys and back) and it was effortless. I wish it had a tank well for storage of cooler and fishing equipment. I always use this yak for distance paddling.

Trident 15 Horror Story: I own several brands of kayaks but my first love was the Scupper Pro. I own two of them, two OK Sprinters and even a retired Manta, so being an avid fisherperson and competing in several kayak tournaments a year, the Trident 15 looked like the perfect yak....wrong. There are so many design features and quality issues. The plastic on the first one was so thin that the front of the hull literally collapsed. After almost a year from being promised a replacement the dealer told me my kayak was finally in but OK no longer did factory rudder installs on that model, so the shop installed the rudder. I used the kayak for the first time at the Jax kayak fishing tournament. I discovered the rudder would not move, (cables too short, rudder bars installed too far forward, retraction cables installed incorrectly, etc. Again, the thickness of the kayak is inconsistent. My RAM mounts and flush mounts are not stable. The foot wells rub the sides of your feet when you have your feet on the rudder pedals. The indentation for the transducer is backward and is not deep enough to protect your transducer. The kayak is very sluggish; the Scupper Pro is far superior. This yak does not cut through the water and does not take the least bit of wake. My Sprinters are much better even though they are more narrow. The design of this yak is a failure. The sonar shield is a waste; better use storage. The quality is not what Ocean Kayak has traditionally produced. I spoke to the Ocean Kayak rep yesterday at the tournament and he seemed supportive. I will be contacting Ocean Kayak tomorrow and will post the outcome. I spent two full weekends prepping this yak for the tournament. Installed a Humminbird 597, Ram Mounts; close to $900 in accessories not to mention the labor. Very disappointed. Paddle before buying and check the thickness of the kayak throughout. I still think very highly of my other Ocean Kayak yaks.