Name: CJC

Most Recent Reviews

Love this kayak. It tracks very well in the wind and wave, even without the rudder. It is very stable and we have only managed to tip it once in big waves near the shore. We live on the Potomac River and have made the three-mile crossing many times to go to St Clements Island or to hug the beach to search for fossils. We have also used it on the Rappahannock River and a 15-mile paddle both with and against the current is a good paddle for us and not anywhere near as tiring as it would be in our little 10.5 foot kayaks. We also have a 100 acre lake behind our house and it is perfectly at home on the lake as well.

I am 68 years old, 190 pounds, and 5'11" tall and it is still fairly easy for me to get into and out of and sit comfortably. My wife is smaller and has the 140. I don't have enough knee room in the 140 but the 145 is perfect as it is a bit higher over the knees. Since we got it last year we have not used any of our 5 smaller kayaks and we may end up selling them. Only difficulty is that we have a small Subaru Impressa sedan and when both kayaks are on the roof, they hang over on both ends. Kind of comical looking. I did have one of the knee brace screws pull out of the pad this summer but a little shoe-goo took care of that. We bought them at the Appomattox River Kayak Company in Virginia after trying several others out for size.

Overall we are very pleased with our kayaks and would recommend them without hesitation.