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Wow...what a lot of different evaluations of the Disco 119. I believe it is in the synergy of the paddler with the boat whether you like it or not. In other words, some call it art, to others it is just a painting, I guess. I found the Disco 119 to be exceptionally stable and very maneuverable: a rare combination. I run Class IV-V whitewater in an open canoe so of course it feels stable. But I rec race 19' solos, too, and I find the later far more difficult. To each his own, I love the 119 for its RAISON D'ETRE.

The main reason I am posting this review is in case someone has found a used one and wonders what the boat is like.

The Dagger Passage canoe is probably the best Royalex tandem canoe ever made for wilderness tripping and general usage. It is the lightest (at 54 lbs.) and fastest plastic cruiser available. It also has the capacity to run easy Class III rapids fully loaded in capable hands. The fact that it is no longer in production is disappointing, but if you can ever get your hands on one you will never let go. It is simply the best. I have paddled almost every make and model and have owned quite a few and it is Number 1.

The Passage almost defies convention in that it goes fast but turns relatively easily with a modest lean. It is a true hybrid for wilderness tripping and can be solo portaged with ease.