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I am sorry to not remeber the model, but this is not the deck bag withthe GPS hoder (always advertised in Paddler Magazine). I have had this bag for almost a year and I am moderatly happy with it.

Let me first say that I am not a sea kayaker and my personal care for my kayak gear is average to minimal. When I first got this bag I flipped over in the local river. My cell phone and spare shirt were both dry. So I was EXstatic. This bag was doing it's job! Since that the Zipper has never gotten any easier to open or close, which bothers me. I chalk that one up to a bad bag. The internal suport to give the bag it's shape has never been right, but I racked that up to prolonged storage before my puchase. The final straw was when I saw fog inside one of the windows. I had a few hours today, so I go to repair this crack that I figured was from stoarge in the yard between trips. well there was a hole cracked in the plastic, and then I found many more around the seam of the windows. Duct tape does not stick to the fabric, so I am using another gluey sealant.

Personally I just can't imagine that I simply got the worst bag ever or that my one summer with it was so hard that I destroyed it.

I got this boat to be a compromise. I like to canoe solo, but taking a friend is truely enjoyable. This boat looked like a good choice, and it was. I have used it solo and it has handled comfortably. For a solo it is very stable.

I like to use this boat to introduce people to canoes. The secondary stability is decent so that you can show them (soloing) about heeling the boat. It is also efficent enought that when your new paddler wears out, you are not too bogged down. I took two friends, my Solo Plus and my kayak on an 8 mile trip. I started in the kayak, I ended the last two miles paddling the canoe on my own and dragged the kayak with a friend in it, and I was still just cooking down the river (reletively with 300 LBS of dead weight and a kayak)

Mine is an Ultra Light and is an all around pleasure. The only thing I would want to improve it (in my eyes) would to be some rocker. I would easily recomend it to anyone with small children, or looking for a decent compromise boat. I am looking forward to haveing this boat for MANY years (I had better for the price I paid). The company's write ups on this boat are entirely accurate.