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Name: APrice

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Got my second Ripper for Mother's Day and love it. We have two Rippers and two Old Town Otters. The kids are always trying to get the Rippers first. Fun stable boat. My yorkie loves kayaking in the Ripper. Great boat for beginners. One of the best short sit on top kayaks on the market. Scup holes are well placed. I've added a seat cushion for added comfort though a 3 or 4 hour boat ride is fine without.

I bought the Ripper last year and have had a great time in it. I'm usually on a river with class I and II rapids. This boat does well through rapids and on still water. I've even taken it through a class III+ and did fine. Its a great little boat. Very easy to manueuver through rapids and in surf. Expect to get wet if you're on a river. I've surfed with it also and it handled better than the Ocean Kayak Venus 10. We had a blast playing in the surf. I didn't have a problem with the hatch though it seems unnecessary. I did notice that some water gets into the hatch. I'd recommend it for kids of all ages. A fun boat and a great alternative to a sit-in (I have an Old Town Otter for cold weather). The price was great and I preferred this model to the Ocean Kayak models of similar length.

Very basic boat. I got an Otter for Mother's Day because the price was incredible. I bought my husband one for Father's Day. That was two years ago and we've had a blast with them on rivers with class II rapids, lakes, and bays. One major problem was the lack of a drain hole and foot pegs which we quickly added to both Otters and have enjoyed them more since. Another problem is that the seat doesn't allow you to put much behind it. The seat is more comfortable than a lot of kayaks (we've added cushions also). This is a great boat for the cost. Even after adding foot pegs, seat cushions, and drain plugs, it is still among the least expensive boats on the market.