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If you bought your boat 1 season before a drink holder was a standard (like me), then this will be your savior! Fits perfectly on the coaming of my Perception Carolina and holds just about any size ice cold beverage of your choice (insert beer here). You will need a thick coozie for regular beer cans, but you want one anyway (unless you like warm beer). No more spilled beer! No more smelly cockpit from spilled beer!

Does what it is intended to do. I've used this 2 times in transport and have had no problems. Stayed on at highway speeds. It's a little hard to get on because it is not adjustable, but I guess that's a good thing if you want it to stay on. Overall I'm happy for the price.

I purchased this kayak new about 6 years ago as a beginner, and have been very happy with the boat. It is a very durable "plastic" boat that is equally adept for weekend+ camping trips and casual day trips. I have loaded it to the gills inside and out and it has remained stable even in windy conditions on Adirondack lakes. As I have advanced over the years in my paddling skills, I still have not found a need to purchase a new boat. If I had to find one thing to complain about, it would be the lack of a built-in beer holder LOL, but I do believe the newer models have them now.

I absolutely LOVE my Outback Oven so much that I bought the larger (10") version as well! It is a Must Pack item whether I'm backpacking (ultralight model) or kayak camping (10" model). Sometimes with a larger group I bring both. I mainly use it for pizzas (small Bobolis fit perfectly on the 10") and desserts (brownies, coffee cakes, banana breads, etc.). It also works well to keep things warm while cooking other dishes.