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Name: dakota54

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I could not wait to get my Manitou on the water. The ice left last week so had to try it out. I purchased this on the net because there is not any dealers close. The hull is more rounded than the pictures show so I was a little concerned how rolly it might be, To be fair... the water was to cold to do any real testing so I will update this at a later date.

I am 6' and 200 pounds, it was a little tight to get into the 16" opening. Once inside it was very comfortable. I don't think I would be able to do a water entry if I had to. The foot braces at full extension were barely long enough to fit me, but the thigh pads are great. To me this craft is a little rolly. Very responsive to hip movement. To make a hard turn or to push off it would be easy to roll it over. It tracks and glides well. It does take a little finesse in paddling I am a bit of a power paddler (from my canoe days) and had to pay attention to my form to get it to respond well. If you happen to catch your paddle in a wave it may be enough to tip you over.

I would not recommend this kayak to a beginner to learn on, but for intermediate to advanced it would be fine.