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Name: zimbob

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I bought a new adavatage about a month ago and I love it, it's fast and easy to paddle, a very fun boat. It has great primary stability compared to the other solos I have tryed out and is about the fastest of them. The only thing I don't like about it is that the liberal tumblehome gives it very poor secondary stability that gets worse as the paddlers weight or load increases, like one of the others noted, he spent too much time looking at something and dumped it over. I took mine out and dumped it, just to see how easy it goes over and once it decides it wants to, it goes over fast once you hit about 3-4 in of freeboard. But it's a love/hate relationship, what makes it a dream to paddle also reduces the secondary stability. I am not a boat engineer but I think if they would extend the flare in the middle up an inch or so making it larger, it would help out alot and still maintain its speed and easy paddling. As one other reviewer said keep it light, keep it low. Would I buy it again? You bet I would! Only in carbon for the weight and neat looks.